S1/c Frank Digirolani (far left), BM2/c Alfred Pyne, Rhode Island (5th from left), S2/c Michael Marren, Chicago, IL (6th from left) and BM1/c Vince Grobbel, Center Line, MI (far right)

Cox. Thomas "Tex" Howell (left) and S1/c Abram Van Zet (right)

Yeoman 3/c Lawrence Stofchick, Chicago, IL

(photo courtesy of D.M. Hall)

BM1/c Walter Gillen (left) and Coxswain Thomas "Tex" Howell (right).
According to Duncan Hall, BM1/c Gillen was a great organizer who really
knew how to handle people. Walter died shortly after the war ended, but not before
he introduced his cousin to fellow shipmate GM3/c William Smuda, who ended up marrying her.

(photo courtesy of Tom Bretz)

Left to Right: SM1/c Thomas Bretz, MM2/c Richard Fisher, MM1/c Hollis McKnight and S1/c John Haberman.