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Commissioning Ceremony

Commander H.F. Stolfi

Ship's Officers

Ceremony (2)

Commissioning Program

Front Cover

Commander's Message

Roster of Officers

Roster of Crew

Ship's Photo

Davenport, Iowa

Crew & Officers

"Black Gang"

Gunnery Practice (4)

Sectional General Quarters

Mail Delivery

Cooks (2)

Various Crewmen (5)

More Crewmen (7)

Various Officers (6)

More Officers (8)

"Butch", the Ship's Mascot

"Butch" & "Peachy" Thomas

"Butch" on deck

"Butch" in Dress Whites

Anti-Sub & Convoy Duty

Depth Charge Attack

Escorting an Eastbound Convoy

VE Day Announcement


Liberty (7)

Photos of the Ship

In Charleston Harbor (4)

At sea

Behind the scenes (2)

Weather Station Duty

Towing the SC-705

Iceberg Encounter (3)

VJ Day in Reykjavik Harbor

VJ Day Announcement

Heavy Weather (2)

Medical Evacuation (2)

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