Lieut. (j.g.) R.W. Sayles, Chestnut Hill, MA (foreground), who was the USS Davenport's Gunnery Officer.

Assistant Gunnery Officer, Ensign W.S. Harmon, Haskell, OK

Lt. David E. Oaksmith, who took over command of the Davenport on 16 May 1945 while the ship was in Mers El Kebir, Algeria.

Medical Officer M.S. Dennis, USPHSR (left) and an unidentified shipmate


(photo courtesy of James Gow, Jr.)

The officers of the USS Davenport (PF-69).
Lt. (j.g.) James Gow is in the back row, second from the right.


(photo courtesy of James Gow, Jr.)

Lt. (j.g.) James Gow on the bridge of the USS Davenport.