This photo taken by S1/c Don Roban, shows the harbor of Reykjavik, Iceland as it appeared on VJ Day, 14 August 1945. The USS Davenport is shown moored in the center of the photo. To the port side of the Davenport is the British Royal Navy destroyer HMS Shikari (D-85) and on their starboard side is the USCGC Tahoma (WPG-80). An Icelandic vessel on the right is all decked out with flags and pennants to celebrate the end of WW II.

Official word of Japan's unconditional surrender came to the men of the USS Davenport in the early morning hours of August 14th when they were awakened by the sounds of ship's whistles and bells. Later in the day, they were invited over to the British destroyer to celebrate with some "grog".
(photo courtesy of Don F. Roban)