Photos taken at USCG Air Station Salem (Massachusetts)

February-March 1946

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22. (left) Air Station Salem as seen from the water

23. (right) Air Station Salem as seen from the water, with a PBM "Mariner" on the ways

24. (left) PBMs with Hangar & buildings in the background

25. (right) Vince Grobbel (left) in front of a PBM (note attached wheels with rectangular float)

26. (left) Coasties on a utility truck

27. (right) PBY engine surrounded by mechanic's scaffolding

28. (left) Helicopter (with rotors removed) under repair inside the Hangar

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All photos are from the collection of Vince Grobbel, who was a BM1/c in the USCG
and was briefly stationed at AIRSTA Salem in February and March of 1946.

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