U.S.S. SC-705 Deck Log Excerpts

SC-705 in the North Atlantic, Aug. 1945

The following is a synopsis of information that was transcribed from the 02 to 15 Aug 1945 entries in the Deck Log of the Sub Chaser USS SC-705. Included are selected entries from the USS Davenport (PF-69) Deck Log (shown in italics), where appropriate.

My interest in the SC-705 Deck Log information arose during my research on my dad's ship, the Davenport, and from the fact that during 02 to 06 Aug, the Davenport had the SC-705 under tow. The PF-69 Deck Log gave only sketchy details of this event and did not include the reason the SC-705 needed to be towed.

At the time, the SC-705 was skippered by Ensign W.L. Martin, USCGR and she was assigned to the Air-Sea Rescue Division, CTV 24.4.3 Squadron, CTF-24 Flotilla in the Atlantic Fleet (effective 01 Sept 1945, Ensign Martin was awarded the temporary rank of Lt. (j.g.) ).

These Deck Log excerpts begin on the morning of 02 Aug 1945, when the SC-705 was accompanying the USS Hingham (PF-30) from Argentia, Newfoundland to Weather Station #5 in the North Atlantic, where the Hingham would relieve the Davenport. Weather Station #5 was located at 52.5 N, 30.0 W, which is about 1,600 statute miles ENE of St. John's, Newfoundland and 1,600 miles SSW of Reykjavik, Iceland. These Weather Stations were set up to provide accurate weather data and Air-Sea Rescue capabilities for the many airplanes and ships being redeployed to the Pacific Theatre. In this last chapter of their unheralded WW II service, one or more Sub Chasers would typically accompany the Patrol Frigates as they went to, and returned from, their Weather Station.

Instead of returning to her home port of Argentia after being relieved on WS #5, the Davenport ended up towing the SC-705 most of the way from WS #5 to Reykjavik, Iceland, (per CTF-24 Dispatch 241440Z July). Both the Davenport and the SC-705 were moored in Reykjavik Harbor on 14 Aug 1945, VJ Day.

The Davenport's last recorded encounter with the SC-705 was during their 11-16 Sept 1945 voyage from WS #2 (60.5 N, 33.0 W) to Argentia - and it was a familiar one.  At 0850 on 11 Sept 1945, as the Davenport was relieved by the Hingham on WS #2, the SC-705 and SC-688 were following 500 yards astern of the Davenport. On 15 Sept, the Davenport's Deck Log noted that at 0545, the SC-705 had reported that they were having minor engine trouble.

Mike Grobbel

SC-705 receiving tow line from PF-69 at 1035 hrs on 02 Aug 1945 SC-705 under tow

02 Aug 1945 - Thursday

03 Aug 1945 - Friday

05 Aug 1945 - Sunday

06 Aug 1945 - Monday

07 Aug 1945 - Tuesday

09 Aug 1945 - Thursday

15 Aug 1945 - Wednesday

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA II), College Park, MD, 2nd Floor Textual Records
RG 24, Stack 470, Row 45, "SC-705 Deck Log"
RG 24, Stack 470, Row 41, "USS Davenport (PF-69) Deck Log"

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